Full Moon energy is particularly good for any letting go or release ceremony or ritual. You may already have Moon Rituals locked in place. But there’s no reason why you can’t upgrade them by creating Moon Water.

Moon Water is water that’s been infused with the light of a Full Moon. Including Moon Water in your rituals brings the Full Moon energy deeper into your everyday Self Care routines.


moon water full moon self care


This practice is powerful so it’s important to set your intention with deliberate intent. Ground yourself and connect with your Inner Wisdom. Then ask for guidance about what you most need to release to create balance and harmony at your deepest Soul Level.

A few days before the Full Moon spend some time engaged with your Highest Self. Meditate, journal, dance, use whatever method you find most useful. Seeking guidance before the moon reaches its peak helps you set your intention with clarity and precision.




How To Make Moon Water


It’s super simple.


All you need is:

A glass container

Water (filtered or bottles if you’re going to drink it)

Your intention


On the night of the Full Moon place the water outside where it catches the full force of the moons rays.

And that’s it!




Bring Full Moon Energy Into Every Day


Your Moon Water is charged with the energy of the Full moon which supports the release of things we have outgrown that no longer support us. One of the best ways to use Moon Water is to take a swig for courage whenever you feel fearful about letting things go.

You can spray your Water on your face as you go out in the world, or onto your pillow to support you through your dreams.

You can also use it to cleanse crystals or place it on your altar. Or use it for any other purpose that connects you with your inner Wisdom.






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