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Sacred Women’s Circle

Wednesday 24th October 2018      7.00 – 9.30 pm



 ♥  When women gather in circle, magic happens   ♥



Within the safe and sacred space that is the Woman Awaken Sacred Women’s Circle

strengthen your connection with Source, higher wisdom and your passion and purpose


If you’ve reached a time when every part of you is yearning desperately to say “YES” to that inner knowing that rises from deep within your soul, that knowing that has been held by all the wisdom keepers of divine knowledge and which directs future pathways, then you are ready to journey within to engage with your Highest Self and remember your Divine Purpose



Re-connect with your soul.

Nestle back in your roots.

Soar to the sky.

Centre in your heart.



Push the pause button and set aside the busy-ness of the outside world

as you join us to reconnect with your authentic Spiritual Nature and Power




DATE:               Wednesday 24th October 2018

TIME:                7.00 – 9.30pm

LOCATION:     The Purple Dragonfly, 256 Yarra Street Warrandyte 3113

COST:             $47



“When women sit in circle, it is truly  magical. We enter a place that is not a place, on a day that is not a day, in a time that is not a time, between the worlds we stand”

Art by Monica Stewart


Chiang Mai Thailand - 2019




Woman Get Wise Retreat


Unlock The Gateways Of Limitation For Soul Empowered Wellness


Chiang Mai, Thailand                    2019



✰  Are you a Spiritual woman seeking empowerment understanding, wisdom and mastery?

✰  Are you travelling through the transitions of midlife?

✰  Would you love to shift the limitations holding you back from manifesting your deepest heart desires?

✰  Do you love taking time to explore and appreciate deeper levels of understanding?

✰  Are you ready to take control, call back your power and find wellness through wholeness on all levels?


This fabulous 6 day retreat will awaken you

to deeper awareness and connection with your inner wisdom

to create wholeness of body, mind, emotions and spirit



In a private, serene, riverside hideaway overlooking the lush tropical mountains of Northern Thailand unlock the gateways of limitation to re-engage with your true self and reclaim your authentic power


Tap the courage, resourcefulness, insight, and energy of your inner Ninja warrior to manifest your deepest desires for your life and wellness


Return home inspired, uplifted and energised


For all details visit our Dedicated retreat Site – Nadurra Wellness