equinox balance and harmony


“The place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise.”  Robert A Johnson


September Equinox is a powerful gateway of balance and unity. As we enter Libra, sign of harmony and equilibrium, today’s Equinox is a time to bring ourselves back into balance, to find wholeness and unity within.

Equinox marks the union of opposites, reminding us of the harmony of the whole.

It is the half way point of the astrological year and midway between the solstices, the time when night and day, feminine and masculine, matter and spirit, are in perfect balance. It is the point of balance when inner feminine and outer masculine energies shift and change. And it is our reminder that balanced equilibrium is the ideal state for our lives

This two day period marks a critical point, the crux of the year.

Our lives and our world are experiencing huge shifts and Equinox is a turning point where we can choose to calm any heightened energies we’ve experienced. 





Equinox is a powerful portal into higher consciousness. It’s the time when feminine and masculine merge, bringing unification of the duality within ourselves.

Our Earthly experience is one of polarity. Within our lives we continually swing back and forth from one polarity to the other. From light to dark, feminine to masculine, matter to spirit, stillness to action. It’s vital for us to experience both sides of these polarities in order to fully understand the other.  Through this process, back and forth, we come to understand ourselves. In order to truly understand the light we must also experience the dark.. 

The midpoint of this swing between duality is the place of balance. It is the point of harmony between the extremes and the point at which we find unity and wholeness. Within the yearly cycle this midpoint, the position of balance, is the September Equniox. It is the turning point of the year and highlights the balance we must experience in the duality.





The September Equinox is a wonderful opportunity for us to expand our awareness.

Equinox is a transition moment of stillness. When we slow, go within, breathe with consciousness and enter the place of stillness, we can hear our inner voice. We create the space to tune-in and engage with our deep wisdom.

As we expand our awareness in this stillness we open the channel to Source energy that allows us to enage more deeply. Within this vessel of feminine energy, this place of stillness,  we can reflect and regroup.



Equinox Practice


For those in the Southern hemisphere the September Equinox marks a time of creation and rebirth. As we emerge from our winter period of withdrawal and inner reflection we are supported to bring our hopes, dreams and visions into reality. It is a time of joyous renewal and growth.

In the Northern hemisphere the opposite occurs. The Autumn Equinox marks the shifting point from the outer masculine personified by summer, to the inner feminine personified by Winter. It is important at this time to let go of self-imposed limitations – attachments to things, others, or to taking action, and to begin the process of withdrawing and going within. This is a time for slowing down, nurturing and self-care in preparation for the inner work of winter.



Equinox Message


Equinox is the midpoint between the polarities of light and dark, feminine and masculine, spirit and matter. Although our experience of it differs according to where we live, the underlying energy is the same for us all – balance. This is the energetic point of the year where we are able to experience these aspects not as polarity but merged as one, in perfect harmony and balance.

As we travel through this brief window of balance and unity, of equal day and night, light and dark, we are given a fleeting moment to bring balance and wholeness into our lives. At this turning point we’re reminded to bring our awareness to the trajectory of our earthly experience.


Each of us holds the power to consciously bring balance and equilibrium into our lives on all levels – body, emotions, mind, spirit – as well as into the outside world as one soul.

Go within and reflect on where you need to bring balance and unity into your life and Earthly experience.


  • Does my life flow?
  • Is it in balance?
  • Am I operating in constant duality, where everything is right or wrong?
  • Am I consciously aligned with the greater cycles?
  • How can I create more balance and harmony in my life, on all levels?


Wishing you a sacred September Equinox







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