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At Nàdurra Health my intention is to assist you to find and sustain wellness on all levels. Using a tool kit of traditional medicine and energetic techniques my goal is to facilitate healthy harmonious balance for you. And I aim for you to find wellness on all levels, physical, emotional and mental. I have experience and success over many years  working with, and supporting people with a wide range of health conditions.


Drawing on over 16 years experience working in Natural Health and Wellness

I created a unique and truly holistic treatment method, which I’ve found

highly effective.


In Natural Health Sessions Homeopathy forms the foundation. Around this I weave Flower and Herb Essences, Reiki, Life Coaching, Energy Alchemy, plus other methods to get positive results.


I love achieving deep acting, sustained results for clients who are ready to

move forward with their health and wellbeing.


No two treatment plans are ever the same. Each treatment plan is individually crafted to match the clients unique needs at the time.


We work together during our sessions, and afterwards.


Empowerment is crucial in creating a healthy body, mind and spirit.

I teach clients powerful techniques as well as lifestyle changes they can incorporate into their life to facilitate their own path to healing.

During your initial session we spend time taking a very detailed history of your illnesses and experiences. This is essential to determine any past influences on your current health situation. From this comprehensive history I determine your personal unique treatment plan.


Work   If you would like to find out if I can help you with your health management

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Long ago, hundreds of years ago, a very select group of chemists and philosophers were on a quest for purity. In their quest they spent many hours in pursuit of the “philosopher’s stone”. This was a substance that if mixed with base metals such as copper or lead, and heated would transform them into gold.

Following in the footsteps of those ancient scientists and philosophers Alchemy Coaching also seeks to transform. Together we work towards transforming lead, the dross in your life, into the purity of gold – fulfilment, happiness and success.

Through our Coaching experience we also pursue understanding, insight and transformation just as those ancient Alchemists did.

Employing the tools of FOCUS, PRECISION, and AWARENESS in our sessions we work towards bringing your dreams into reality.

Like those ancient alchemists, you gain insight into your own personal framework for your interaction and relationship to life.

Alchemy Coaching guides you to your own wisdom. It enables you to clarify your decisions and create a plan that’s aligned with your values. You can then direct your actions towards building fulfilment and success.

You receive powerful support through your Alchemy Coaching journey from the Alchemy Coaching Tool Kit, containing the incredible healing qualities of Homeopathy, Flower/Herbal Essences and Energy Alchemy. I draw on these methods or remedies whenever I know they will assist you to move forward faster. They can quickly help you break down blocks that are holding you stuck.

If ALCHEMY COACHING resonates with you

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Many people suffer from food intolerances that lead to a variety of symptoms. But most of them are not aware that foods are causing or aggravating their symptoms.

I use Magnagraph® advanced technology to identify problem foods. This non-invasive test can quickly determine whether the foods that are commonly not well tolerated are affecting you.


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