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Wouldn’t it feel incredible to know you were taking real steps to break apart the limitations that keep you stuck in health issues?  Wouldn’t you love to increase your wellness on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit – so you can completely embrace life with zest and passion?


I’m Catherine Bullard, Natural Health Practitioner, Mystical Coach,  Natural Wellness Educator and Women’s Mysteries Mentor.  I guide women through midlife transitions to access their higher wisdom, clarity and courage.


I use a multi-faceted approach that stimulates self-healing on all levels to powerfully catalyse your shift for better health, deeper relationships, greater prosperity, career advancement and refined spiritual engagement.

I utilise homeopathy, Homeobotanicals, flower essences, Mystical Coaching alongside nutritional and healthy lifestyle advice in the Soul Empowered Wellness Method.

My clients get wonderful results that include increased energy, reduced pain, less anxiety, better sleep, greater focus, more confidence, clarity and heightened awareness which allows them to live more fully and authentically.


Your consultation is not only about health and wellness. For many it is also a journey into deep self-discovery as their body reveals the pathway back to health. Your individual health management plan is directed by your body through the symptoms it reveals, on all levels. Many clients experience noticeable shifts on all levels.


If you’re ready to power up your life and wellness, Catherine will guide you to take back control of your health and wellness, reduce symptoms, and improve your vitality to manifest the life of passion and purpose your heart longs for.



Natural Medicine Found Me


Natural medicine called to me through Homeopathy when I was searching for solutions to the health conditions of my four young sons.

My father was a doctor so I grew up in a medical household  with no understanding or knowledge of natural and traditional health. I turned to it in desperation for a sick child. Although his condition was managed by modern medicine it never actually improved. You can read my story here.

Amazed by the improvement in my son’s condition after homeopathic management, I went ahead and studied Homeopathy to practitioner status level.

Over the years, my curiosity led me much deeper into healing techniques and modalities. I have used these to overcome a number of major personal  health crisis and challenges.

I now incorporate decades of experience and training in many of these other techniques in addition to homeopathy, to benefit those I work with. The result is very wholistic method that comes from an understanding that illness arises from an energetic imbalance and manifests on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit.

The impact of traditional medicine differs for each person.

I combine my training, clinic experience and personal experience to weave the best positive outcome I can achieve for clients.

Are you ready to reclaim

your health and vitality?